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Maria Hava

Maria – Memory Lane

“No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced”….

I came across this quote the other day! It did not say who said it, but I agree with it!

I’m not that old but I have lots of memories that I love. Some of them even if the circumstances are different now; I still smile when I think about them. Indeed some memories can never be replaced no matter what happens.

In my work at Smiles I have lots of memories…..well I spend nearly half of my life here already 🙂 

I will never forget the first day when I entered in the Gypsy Community in Tileagd. I remember that I was scared of them as that was the first visit ever in a Gypsy community. In order to ‘protect’ myself, I remember I took a baby girl and held her in my arms all the time I was there. 15 years later, this baby girl is taller than me……Yes; I’m talking about Cassandra Rostas.  
She has become a nice young lady now and is a hard working girl as well. She took one year off from school but she dreams of going back this autumn. Please pray for her and for the circumstances to be ok and for her to start the High School and achieve her dreams!

Today the situation in Tileagd is very different. I feel they are a part of my family!

On June 15 we finished another academic year! The 13th one! Having their celebration I see once again how blessed I am to be a small part of their lives! The progress that I see year by year is a real encouragement. Of course I wish Stephen Woodward to be here to see it, but I’m sure he has a better view! Even if at times I’m disappointed when I hear that they want to leave the country for a better future, I’m happy when I hear that the kids are continuing the school.Tileagd photos

I’m thankful to God and to ALL the people around the world that help us with the Tileagd School and Nursery project. You are planting for the future. Even if at times it seems hard, the results will come! I’m sure of that! God is blessing the faithful servant and I’m happy to know I have a few around me on this project! Please continue to support us. Our job is not finished there yet!!

Still on Tileagd, I’m happy to let you know the progress made at the new Assisted Living Facility is moving very well! Mr Hoy is doing a good job as a site manager! From time to time he is helped by Stefan my little boy. I told him he needs to learn from Mr Hoy everything if he wants to be the next CEO. He has all the potential for it  !!!

If you have been part of the work of Smiles for a good number of years and have questioned the changes, trust me – we are on the same side! I was a bit nervous when the proposal was first suggested, as Tileagd is very close to my heart.
BUT now I’m very happy to see the Complex used to the maximum potential. In one sense, it never has been ‘fully’ used as the facility was so big from the beginning. Now it is very full with so much potential I think in one year Mr Hoy will be considering an extension!

SO I WAIT FOR YOU TO COME and see it for yourself! It is really good!!

As I continue down memory lane, another great memory was the first day the Mission Centre opened.

I will never forget that! It was the last week of May when I had my university graduation. I remember I said to Mr Hoy that we can ‘test it’ by having my family members there for the night to see if all is working! And guess what? … 13 years later we still do that! Having my extended Smiles family staying there and experience the work we do is amazing!

Thank you ALL for coming to visit us. It’s a life changing experience? Many people over the years came to see it and I pray to God that this will not stop. This past month we already had two groups of mission trips, both from USA. The second one is closer to my heart as it’s the FIRST TIME EVER a team was made of Romanian people. Romanian people that had moved to America but came back to their roots to serve their brothers and sisters! I’m over the moon to see it happened and for this I give thanks to God and to the Forgaciu and Sarb family for being the first and ‘breaking the ice’. Thank you guys for being a blessing and may our God continue to bless you all the time.

Arpasel building
I’m looking forward for an even bigger team next time! 

Now we are getting ready for the busiest month of the mission trips so far this year. Please pray for the people that come.
The days are getting hot here. If in the winter I ask you to pray for the Smiles beneficiary, now I ask you to pray specific for Smiles staff and volunteers. They are all doing a great job and without them I would not have many memories. 

Like I said, at the beginning ‘no matter happens, some memories can never be replaced!’  
Make sure that you live a life that God is happy with and then the memories and reminiscing, would not be an ‘embarrassing’ moment but a thankful one!

Have a blessed month and hope to see you soon.

Thank you for everything you do for us. Thank you for being a blessing and may God bless you abundantly!

With love
Maria Hava
Director of Operations Romania 


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