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Tileagd Church

Maria’s News, August 2020

“ Changing times, changing life”…

Wow, I can’t believe that it is already one year since I sat here in my office and wrote my August update….telling you how much technology helped me to do my work while I was 9 months pregnant !!!!

Little did I know that 6 months later we would be ‘locked in our homes’ and virtually EVERYTHING will be done through the internet!! WEIRD TIMES!!!! I’m shocked how much is ‘changing in our life’ day by day, let alone year by year!

Still, in all this turmoil, I discover a really nice truth! That MY HEAVENLY FATHER IS STILL THE SAME!!! I had hard times, challenging times, going through this past year on a personal level, and each time my peace came from my “talks with God”. It is so nice to know that for HIM you do not need an appointment, or to pay a fee, or to be careful with what you say! I GO JUST AS I AM!!

So, how has my life changed in just one year?

MihaiWell, being mum of 2 small kids is not an easy task! :). On August 13th 2019, I received the perfect gift on my birthday, my second child, baby Mihai. I’m soooooooo thankful to God that all this year he was and is, a healthy child, full of energy and one that LOVES to eat :). I’m soooo blessed that he and Stefan are best buddies and love each other. Yes, my sleeping hours changed a lot, but I do have a great babysitter (my husband Cornel) that helps me every time he can.

At work. WOW . If last year in August was really busy with mission trips, NOW I MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! I feel lonely! So, I continue to pray for better times and for you all to come back to Romania!!

As many projects continue to happen day by day, I miss my kids in the nursery and school, the happy faces of kids on HBC/VBS, LOOOOONG project visits. But in all bad is some good too. I have more time to do my administrative work …. even if I do not like it that much! 🙂

I did enjoy this past month the fellowship we had in Tileagd church! On July 19th we started again to meet inside the church. Even if the elderly are not able to join us in the service (we do try to protect them as much as we can) we had a really good time! PLEASE, please pray for the spiritual work in Tileagd and not only there. We can do great things, but if the people really miss out on what matters eternally, all our efforts are in vain!

Tileagd Church social distancing

I also enjoyed this past month doing some ‘research shopping’:). I’m sure that you’ve heard from Mr Hoy about the lack of supplies we have for our projects in the warehouse! Since 2009 we had 17 containers arriving in Romania – so WE HAVE BEEN WAY WAY TOOOOOO BLESSED!!! WE did not have to spend money for all the supplies. Now we really must find ways of doing that, because we can’t leave the projects without them.

Shopping List

So, we created a list with the most urgent items and IF YOU CAN HELP, please do – as EVERY LITTLE HELPS!!!! It would help us not to cut from the projects budget, so a pack of wet wipes or a bedding set for us is as important! You may want to send a small gift for a pack of wipes or some toilet rolls. You may be able to send a bigger gift for 500 hygiene gloves, disinfectant, shower gel or shampoo.

Whatever you can do, I know you will, and we thank you for your kindness. LINK to SUPPORT

Now the best news of all is that I can go on a holiday! You do not believe me? Well trust me, I can, because MY ASSISTANT IS BACK 🙂 :)!!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the Boss. FINALLY Mr. Hoy came back to Romania on July 9th! Since then, believe me, he works a lot …not that he didn’t before …. but my time is now more flexible! When he is not here, all the questions and problems come to me! Now, I can go to him!!
Kevin in the Cihei office
We agreed he should stay in his office with very limited interaction with people outside Cihei, in order to protect him from Covid, and until now, praise God, it is working! But please pray for his protection and health…..and watch this space!!! Now that Mr Hoy has a looooot of time to think and plan … who knows what will appear on the agenda!!:)

My dear friend, I do not know HOW your life has changed during this time, but I pray the UNCHANGING GOD will protect you and keep you in His loving arms all the time.

I love this song from my friend Michael W Smith :), Sovereign over us!!! So … I leave it with you!

Be blessed and thank you for being a blessing!

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