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Thankful Hearts Video, Corbesti

Smiles started visiting the Corbesti community about four years ago. There are up to seven families in the community, giving a total of about 35 people, of which 15-20 are children. Not all of them are always there, as several are enrolled with the ‘special needs’ school in Tileagd.

They live by working day jobs, as no one in the community has regular employment. They do not handle state support very well due to illiteracy, so only one or two receive social benefits – and even they lost some support due to the various State reductions. We know they basically live from what they can earn from work each day. No work – no pay. Another two are retired, with a small state pension, which is helpful and welcome.
Corbesti delivery

As part of Smiles Field Project, we take them food, medicine and clothing and we have helped with some medical procedures and treatment. They would also appreciate some help with construction materials to repair and extend their homes.

The people that are shown in the video are only representatives of their families. This happens when we have a rendezvous and do not go up the hill all the way into their community. A group of representatives will meet us at the river and take the supplies back home.Corbesti

The community do not go to a local church, as sadly they are not so welcomed by the traditional churches, but they were excited to hear last year, that this summer we planned to take COPs to Corbesti. Unfortunately, that did not happen yet due to the COVID crisis.

The entire community are very welcoming and appreciate Smiles support very much, so we so thank you on their behalf for your continued support of the Field project ministry.
Adi Matis
Director of Outreach, Smiles Romania

Please watch our Thankful Hearts Video:

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