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A Letter from Maria's Desk - June 2015

Things that make ME happy!

An interesting subject, but I have had it in my mind for a while.

It all started when I spoke on the phone with a friend of mine that was telling me everything that she managed to buy in the last month and everything that she did for a wedding anniversary! A very expensive purse, a very expensive dress, had dinner at a very stylish restaurant, relaxing at a spa and the list went on and on!

Because the conversation was near to my 2nd wedding anniversary, she was asking me what I would do as a gift to my husband? I told her none of the above, because my anniversary gift is a video with all the pictures that we had since the day that we meet! And at that time, I used the phrase "these are the things that makes me happy". Few hours later I still had that in my mind and I started wondering: Ďwhat are the things that make me happyí?

And now I know it. So I want to share my thoughts with you.

The things that make me happy - A smile, a hug, a nice word of encouragement (but not in public). Vanilla ice-cream and milk chocolate are my favourite things! I love flowers and I love to create small gifts that make other people happy. It makes me happy to know that one day I will live in the best penthouse built in heaven and all day long I will walk on gold streets (I just hope itís white gold :)). It makes me happy to know that Iím a free person in God because HE gave His Son to die for me, He told me that His grace is enough in my day to day life on this earth and even if at times I face problems, He is always there and will carry me.

In the Smiles Foundation I have lots of things too that makes me happy!

A smile from a child in my Tileagd Nursery or a hug with their little arms just melts my heart! When Natasha says ĎHIí to me Iím over the moon because I know that she is afraid to talk. In the school when I walk on the corridor and the kids are shouting Miss Maria, Miss Maria and run to me just for a hug, all my stress and frustrations are gone! When Sergiu comes to me Ďfor a chatí because he knows that he is listened to, Iím really happy! When my ladies in the Crafts Project come to church and say thank you to God for all the goods they receive from Him. When the staff, people I work with do what they do because they want to be Godís hands and feet everywhere they go!

It makes me happy when I go to the homeless village and Florentina and Vio are happy to see and call me "their sister". Iím happy when lady Coman comes to church and prays to God in public for her family and friends in the Homeless Container Village!

It makes me happy when I go to visit ECO and JFL and the elderly are telling me that "they pray for me!"

I am a blessed person and YES I have a lot of things that makes me happy! What about you my dear friend? What makes you happy?

This past month, it made me happy to see the progress we made in Rapa! The hygiene unit is coming along and the foundations for 2 houses are already done! Iím thankful to God for all the people across UK and America that raise money for this to be possible.

JFL is also coming along too! This REALLY makes me happy as I canít wait for the day when this project will be finished!! With all the problems and frustrations we had from bad neighbours, the Romanian Authorities and so on, Iím really happy when positive things come from difficulties!

Another thing that made me happy this past month was the thought that Boga will begin to be used to the potential that this place has, during this summer. We have 2 camps planned and for me to know that this is happening is a miracle!! I canít wait to see the children smile and to hear their stories! I loved it when I was a kid spending my time at camp!

In closing I would like to share with you one of the most important things that made me happy this past month. Many of you know that one of my favourite projects in Smiles is Tileagd. Well this past month, on 29th May, the first ever person from Tileagd Gypsy community graduated high school!

Yes, you heard right! Cornel Rostas, son of Ghiuri and Meda, graduated 12th grade!!

Mr Hoy, his parents, me Ė we are very happy and proud of what he has achieved over the years. Cornel is a great encouragement for the boys in Tileagd. I was soooo overwhelmed when he called me to say : "Mari, today was my last day as a high school kid!!".

I could not stop crying! I feel amazing. All the stress, the arguments, hard work has really paid off. Iím looking forward to hear the same from my 3 girls in Tileagd. I told them that that day I will really get wild!!! With Coke of course. But dear friend, your hard work, prayers, time and money has been invested in the best place that it could have been.

Iím sure that Cornel had people that sponsored him since he started at the Smiles School in 2003. People that did not give up even if it was hard at times. People that are praying for him daily! People that shared lots of what they had with him!

Well YOU ALL, whoever you are, wherever you are, BE PROUD of what he achieved. From this autumn, Cornel wants to go to college. And I canít believe a Gypsy kid is saying that! Please continue to pray for Cornel.

So, Iím really emotional this month! I have lots of reasons to be!! And THOSE are the reasons that make me happy!

Be blessed my friends


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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