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From our CEO – News from Romania – October 2017

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another Smiles monthly news update as we enter the final quarter of 2017. Doesn’t time fly!

The past month has been different to the previous 3 summer months when life was frantic with Mission Trips. No Mission Teams in September so the month started with many of the team able to take holiday which was good for all concerned.

Once the holidays were over, we were quickly reminded of how busy life is in Smiles, with or without Mission Teams! There was a lot to do and some was very exciting as we prepared for some special days in September.
Anita and Georgi
On September 2nd our Gepiu employee Anita, who has grown up through our programme from a difficult family background, was married at Emmanuel Church in Oradea. It was wonderful to see Anita so happy with her husband Ionut. Anita continues to work with Smiles at the Gepiu Project.

On September 24th our deputy Director and an employee for 12 years, Georgi Opreanu married Florin and became Mrs Lazau. A wonderful wedding service and reception was enjoyed by so many people and no one deserved it more than the loyal, devoted servant of God that Georgi most certainly is.

On September 18th, our container of supplies arrived in Cihei from Northern Ireland which was such a wonderful blessing and once again so generous of the people across Northern Ireland who give so abundantly. The great aspect of this container was being full of urgently needed supplies, which makes a huge difference to our budgets here. There was a time when containers came full of donated items for our projects and although of course important to those in need, made less of a direct impact on our budget. Now the contents make a huge difference. If these crucial items of cleaning supplies, toiletries, pampers, family items and so on were not on board, Smiles would be spending considerable money in the coming months to buy the essential supplies for our projects. That’s how important the load was and I sincerely pray another load of the same critical supplies can be on its way to us in the spring of next year. The Lord knows our need.
The staff were all so excited as they helped unload on 19th morning and later that day, the drivers John and Darren were in their cab ready for the drive back across Europe, on route to Northern Ireland.

Thank you guys for your generous spirit in bringing us this load and a huge thanks to all those who collected and donated supplies to assist the work here. God Bless you all.

By the time we reached the final week of September, it was time to turn attention to October Mission Trips. We have a fantastic month with over 60 people visiting and I know it will be very busy from the start.

Chris and Pat Calow are already in Romania visiting Smiles Prochris calowjects offering Eye Care through the Vision project. Many people appreciate the work they provide and we are delighted to offer the service to those in need. Chris has been providing Optical Care through Smiles for many years but has announced to us that this will probably be his last trip actively on the field so we begin praying for another Eye Doctor or Optometrist to pick up the mantle and continue the important work carried out through Smiles Vision Project. Thank you Chris and Pat for your valuable contribution throughout the years.

To find out more and help support the medical work, check our webpage:

The activities throughout October will be many and varied. Our Family Boy with Sack of SmilesCare and Homeless projects will be making the usual visits, plus various visits will be possible to our Residential Centres. There will be ‘Hand’s On’ work as well so everyone will be busy and making a huge impact on many lives as they travel around sharing the love of God. Wish you were here? Well you just need to make a plan!

We have opportunity in December and for sure, visiting prior to Christmas is a wonderful time to be on Mission. Of course we also have many already booked for 2018.

All the dates are on the website so give some serious thought about joining us for a week or two whether at Christmas or anytime next year.

Contact the office for more information or e-mail:

We will also be celebrating the Official Opening of Tileagd Assisted Living facility (TAL) on October 19th. It will be a wonderful day of giving thanks to God for all His Goodness and Provision that allows us to share such beautiful facilities with the people of Romania who need them. I am delighted our Trustee Mike Wildsmith will be flying in for the special occasion and he will share God’s Word for those present to hear.

If you can’t be with us for the Official Opening, be sure to come and see the facilities as soon as possible. You’ll be very impressed, and more likely to help us maintain the service for those in life who need some ‘Assistance’.

Thankful Hearts TourThe Staff Team tour of the United Kingdom in November is getting closer and I trust you have checked the itinerary and booked in your diary which night you can visit. While 10 are travelling the UK, I’m on an extensive journey by myself visiting many cities across America. It will be a very effective month of sharing updates and stories with Smiles Supporters both sides of the Atlantic. We are all looking forward to it and we hope to see you during the trips at some point. It will really be a great opportunity to update you on all the projects and daily work in Romania. So please don’t miss an opportunity near you! Thankful Hearts Tour Details

Do read the reports from our regular Smiles’ contributors, along with our featured Thankful Heart this month.

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Georgi – September Joy
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Barbara – Praise the Lord
Thankful Heart – featuring Denis from the Container Village

In closing, I want to thank you for your continued support of Smiles through prayer, finance and coming on Mission Trips to Romania. As we take on more and more work in Romania, our resources are being stretched and I am praying for increased support over the coming months. If you can help, please do, whether personally, as a community group, school or church. Every contribution makes a significant difference. Not that my part or your part will make or break the effort – but that what we each do, combined with what everyone else does – fulfills God’s Plan and Provision for Smiles. When that happens, all the needs are met and God’s Work shines as a bright light in an ever darkening world. Your support directly enables the light to shine brighter!

Thank you for all you do. Please keep in touch and if you have any questions or comments on the work of Smiles, please write to me directly at

Denis from the Container VillageWe look forward to seeing you soon as we continue our partnership in the Lord’s work.

May God richly bless you.

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Kevin Hoy
Chief Executive to
The Smiles Foundation

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