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A Letter from Maria's Desk - August 2015

"I trust in HIM, no matter what...."

15 years ago the words from a song became my great encouragement at the time and lasted until today!!!

I remember like yesterday, my first day of university. I did not want to move to Oradea and stay here, but God had another plan for me and my life. At the time I was sad, disappointed and would have done everything to do something different.

Pretty much like Jonah from the Bible!! When the opening ceremony started, the opening song was the first lesson, my first reassurance that God cares for me and that I was in the right place Öeven if it didnít seem that way at the time!

The words of the song say:

"I trust in Him no matter what will happen/ on my life and on my journey/ no matter what the day brings/ the eternal Father will lead me!

I trust in Him no matter where I go/ even if in the fire I will be put/ in sadness or in joy/ the eternal Father will lead me

I trust in Him even when I do not understand / His will I will like to choose/ because like this in His glory/ eternal Father will lead me

I trust in Him He knows my life/ on the top of the mountain or in the valley/ hurt by the waves will get to the shore/ the eternal Father will lead me"

Amazing, isnít it? A great promise that IF you trust your GOD with all your heart, things will work out. For your good!

Why do I say this? Because this past month at my work in Smiles, Satan really gave me a hard time! Yes, there are times in our lives when we are on top of the mountain and times when we are down in the valley! Sometimes personally, other times professionally, maybe emotionally and so on! This past month was professionally for me!

With so many great things happening in Smiles, so many positive things, the devil makes sure that he Ďappears tooí. Where? Where Iím most vulnerable! So my dear friends, I need your continued prayers more than any other time!!! Please do pray for me. Please pray for wisdom to move forward according to Godís Will.

Back to Smiles now!! July was a very busy month! A full mission trip season. Lots of work to be done!

Top of my priority list was and still is, JFL Phase 2 construction! Yes, itís a real challenge.

Iím happy to see that it is all progressing and looking good. But a lot of work and pressure. The first fix of electrical and plumbing and heating is all complete! The plastering and the floor levelling is being worked on. The insulation of the ceiling is done!

In a few words not too much time to rest. But this is good!

One thing that really reduced me to tears this past month was to see the commitment from a group of people from Northern Ireland that came to visit Smiles for a week! Well these guys heard our desire that we wanted to do a garden for the elderly at JFL Salonta. Monday morning they were up and started planning and then they started building it Ö. and they did not stop until it was done!

You might say, so what? Well, if I tell you that they did the work in 35+ degree C .... would you have the same reaction? It is a blessing to see Godís people being a blessing to others!!! So THANK YOU GUYS for doing such hard work. It looks amazing and the grass is starting to come on nicely!

Another project that Iíve been working with is the Tileagd Craft project. From a group of 10 ladies that I had in January when I took over, now I have 17 of them!! The pressure is increasing more and more each week because I feel like these womenís have so much potential and Iím not having enough work for them to do!!! Actually, itís not having the work to do, there is plenty of that, it is being to sell the product once they have done the work.

BUT GOD is good and now Iíve managed to get more supplies for the ladies to make the crafts and also I found people with big hearts that take the goods and sell them in UK and America. Once they have sold the product they send us the money! It is working great. For you maybe £10/$15 per week as an earning is not making much difference, but for some of these ladies itís the only money they will get! If you want to know more on how can you help me with this project, feel free to send me an e- mail to:

Iíve told you many times about my favourite place here in Romania Ė the Boga Mountains. Well this past month a group of kids from Tileagd project went on a camp in BOGA!!!!

It was a challenge, mainly for the people that went with them for the 3 days, but for the kids it was amazing. To see Godís creation in the most natural way is incredible. In these beautiful mountains, even if I personally went there for just a few hours I came back recharged! So thank you to the people that made this trip possible and gave the kids of Tileagd a truly ĎMountain Top Experienceí!

The good news is that even in these busy times Iíve managed to get 5 days off and went on holiday with Cornel to Italy! A quick City Break I guess they call it. We had a great time and we loved it but soon we came to the conclusion that taking holiday makes you more tired than you were before you started  ÖÖÖStill, Iím appreciative to my colleagues that gave me this time off!!! Soon it will be their turn!

So dear friends there is always so much to be done! One person reminded me something really nice this past week. God can do His work without any of us, but what a great privilege it is to be used!

Iím sure that there, where you are, you do a good job!

Thank you for everything you do for us! Praying, financial support and/or coming to see us to share the work is a huge blessing for us. And one day, our God will reward your support!

Until then, let us serve Him in the best way that we can!

Lots of love


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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