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From our CEO - September 2018

Kevin at the Comans

From our CEO – September 2018

Dear Friends

What an incredible summer we have had in Romania. 150 visitors in just the past 2 months and amazing work done through so many projects. Children reached with the Gospel through our COP’s (HBC/VBS). Many children enjoying summer activities through ‘Kindness Days’. Elderly lunches, Residential Centres and Communities throughout Bihor have been impacted and helped by our guests and loyal staff in Smiles.
Girl Guides
We have another 80+ coming in the next two months – so the work continues at a wonderful pace and the results can be seen daily in the lives of the people we help through your support – whether prayerfully, financially or practically. Whether here in Romania or at Home – you are an important part of all we do. Thank you for being a faithful supporter of the Smiles Foundation.

Past months have reminded me that our Mission Trips are an incredible blessing, not only to Smiles and those we seek to serve here in Romania, but also a blessing for those who come. So many times I hear people say “We came to give, but received so much more” Isn’t that amazing? Just how things work with God. As we give more, so He gives more and our blessings become overflowing. As I learnt a long time ago “You can’t out-give God”.Field projectsAs a result, we are opening up various options for more Mission Trips, hoping more people of all ages and experiences will be able to come to Romania.

We have an immediate need for skilled teams to help with various projects. We need Builders, Plasterers, Plumbers, those experienced with Flooring, Tiling and Painting. So much work, particularly at our newest Project – The Dezna Outreach Centre – but also in Rapa, Arpasel and other locations where Smiles operates. These teams can come on a special PST (Project Support Trip) at very special rates that includes everything you’ll need here in Romania. Whether you come as an individual and we work you into a team here, or you come as a ready-made team of 4 or more – we will work with you on all the arrangements and together we’ll see great things done to honour God and extend His Kingdom here on earth.

Opportunities exist every month for our Construction PST – so if you have a skill and want to serve God with it, contact us now and we’ll work it out for next month or next year – whichever is convenient for you.
Carrick Academy
Luke Wathen, our Development Ambassador, has also launched a new initiative for Students to experience Mission with a special opportunity in April 2019. If you are in full-time education, you should truly consider this possibility. Check the details and contact Luke to see how we can make it happen.

Then looking forward, we have just a few places for October and December this year – so do enquire soon if you are interested, but we have now published the dates for 2019 Mission Trips. Take a look and contact Dawn at the office for full details of 2019 options.

With many of our Mission Teams working at Dezna Outreach Centre these past couple of months, tremendous progress has been made on enabling part of the building to be used. So – for the first Smiles outreach activity in Dezna – our Medical Mission which arrives September 8th with Eye Doctors from America – we will be holding a clinic at the Dezna Outreach Centre for all those in the area needing Eye Examinations and supply of Glasses. All is done free of charge and with every pair of glasses is given a Scripture or Gospel Tract for the people to be able to read with their newly enhanced eyesight. A fantastic outreach to be held in Casa Torch at the Smiles Dezna Outreach Centre.
Also in September, we welcome Pastoral Leaders for a Special week at Smiles as they discover how we operate so as to encourage greater involvement of their congregations in support and visiting through Mission Trips in the future. September 24th – 29th is the UK Pastors Conference led by our Trustee Mike Wildsmith and then September 29th – October 6th a US exploratory trip led by partners – Fellowship Travel International. We trust and pray these weeks will be highly beneficial as we share our Vision with these leaders from the UK and America for future opportunities in Romania through Mission.

As I mentioned last month, I’ll be visiting Northern Ireland on September 18th to begin formulating our future development plans for the Province. I’ll be back November 19th – 23rd for the full week to meet with everyone interested in being part of our future plans with Smiles in Northern Ireland.

Please let me know if you would like to meet that week or hold a gathering at your church, so I can discuss the details at my meeting on September 18th and then plan the November week accordingly.

2018 is proving to be such a busy year I have not been able to schedule a visit to America. However, please note I am looking to make that trip in February or March 2019 – which isn’t too far away, so again – if you would like to meet up or have me visit your church, let me know so I can get a planned schedule formulated.

Thank you for the fantastic response to help with Dezna Outreach Centre’s Roof Appeal. We are almost there but if you can help with a donation or fund-raiser for Dezna – please do, as we have so much work to do there. Meanwhile, we have contracted with a Roofing Company who hopes to complete replacing the entire roof on Casa Torch (Torch House – the main building) during this month. We also got some of the new floors laid during August and it is so good to see the rotten floors replaced with solid floors once again.
Dezna floor work
Further information on Dezna Outreach Centre and Casa Torch.

It was also wonderful with Mission Teams to make such a difference to various projects and people.

The Gazebo at TAL is finished and looks amazing. Thanks to a team of people led by Ian Steenson.

The Tileagd Nursery has had a facelift inside and out. Disinfected throughout, newly painted walls will make it a welcoming place for children to be loved and taught in the new academic year beginning September 10th. They also have a new playground thanks to support from the Worthing Mission Team who worked hard installing the new equipment, painting fences and so much more.
Gazebo and Nursery Work

The Coman family who spent years in our Container Village and moved to their own home which Smiles owns, were helped by a Mission Team who worked at the house with plastering, painting and cleaning. After so many years in the Container Village, I am so pleased we have been able now to provide the security and dignity that comes with being in their own home. (see Maria’s report too).

We have also been focusing extensively on our efforts to increase our ability for greater self-sustainability and significant investment has been made to our Glasshouse business.
Flowers at the glasshouse
September is expected to be a very significant month in our development, so hopefully I will have more space to report all that news next month. But my huge thanks to those who continue to support our efforts through the Glasshouse and Farm, both in capital support and those on Mission Trips who volunteer to help work at the Glasshouse to support our staff.

Please continue to support our projects knowing the impact they have is life-changing for all involved.
The top 3 projects needing extra financial support to enable us to continue the ministry day by day, based on 2018 support to end of July, are as follows:

1. Residential Care through Oradea, Salonta and Tileagd achieved 88% of the income needed for its operational budget. Therefore, we had approximately £37,984 ($49,379) budget deficit for the first seven months of the year. Support Smiles 500 Care Club

2. Gepiu Community Project achieved 76% income towards its operational budget. This leaves approximately £3,721 ($4,837) budget deficit. Support Gepiu Project

3. Pastoral Support & Outreach Projects received 62% of its required budget, leaving a deficit of £3,835 ($4,985) for the first seven months. Support Pastoral and Outreach

I am extremely thankful for the progress being made in our financial situation and we are encouraged to see improvements to the pressures faced earlier in 2018 within our projects. All our activities need your continuous support, but if you would like to start a commitment or make a special gift for Smiles – please consider the needs detailed above to help reduce or eliminate future deficits.

From Georgi's reportBe sure to catch up on news through the reports posted this month from:
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The reports are helpful to give you an insight to the work and are always a great encouragement to read.

Thank you for all you do to support the Smiles Foundation through prayer, financial giving and practical work.

I thank God for such a positive month to report on and look forward to all He has in store for the month to come. His Blessings are new every morning and it is important to remind ourselves of that as the pressures and responsibilities of life can sometimes cause us to overlook the fact. God has blessed the Smiles Foundation abundantly in the past, continues to do so today and will do for the future.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.

Kevin Hoy

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