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A Letter from Maria's Desk - September 2015

Our Unchanging God!

"God will never take something away from you without the intention of replacing it with something better!"

The first time I head this saying was nearly 10 years ago, when a dear friend of mine left Smiles!!! At that moment in time I thought everything will collapse and we will close down, but God showed me that is not the case! He always has better things in store waiting for me, IF I trust Him completely!!

Why do I say this now?!?! Because as you might have noticed in the last updates Iíve done, I had a hard time in my work at Smiles! Although Iím sure itís not the end, I know that God exists and He loves me, but I also realise more and more each day that Satan wants bad for Godís people and the spiritual warfare these days is more and more intense on Godís children.

But what do we need to do as a Christian people? As Godís children? We need NOT TO GIVE UP!

It is a hard job to stick in there but it is worth it! These days Iíve read a very nice description about the suffering that Job was enduring! The author said IF Job knew from the beginning that the battle is between God and Satan and if God came to him and said: "my child, this is not about you it is about me. I want to show them that you love me and listen to me. Iím next to you and with me you will win! Iím sorry you have to go through this but Iím next to you! Stay still and our team will win in the end", Job would have taken the suffering better!! The GREAT part is that Job stayed there even if he did not hear Godís voice!!! What a great testimony of being Godís child!

So dear friends, Iím sure that each of you has different warfare in your life! Iím sure that each of you are going through things that you might say "God - WHY ME?" Iím not the best to give you Ďadviceí but I say to you the same things I say to myself "DO NOT GIVE UP! Stay still! Iím your God and together we will win!!"

August was a great month having many mission trip guests around. Lots of things are always done when we have extra hands. I would like to say thank you to all the people who visited us during this summer. You all made an impact, planted the seeds to make a difference! THANK YOU.

Another great thing during the summer is the help we get from the interns. I would like to say a huge thank you to all of them. THANK YOU Bret, Hikita, Beth and Jamie. Thank you for making a difference and for your hard work. Be blessed and continue to be a blessing!

I also want to say a huge thank you to Dawn and Barbara, who work very hard "behind the scenes" each time we put a mission trip together.

And letís not forget Mr Hoy who is doing a lot of work as usual and ALL my colleagues from Smiles Romania (ALL OF THEM INCLUDED) who are spending their day to day time with the people on the field. Well done and may God bless you all!

A piece of sad news is that at the end of the mission trip season my colleague Ritza (Simona Duciuc) left us! Iím thankful to Ritza for all the hard work she did in Smiles these last 4 years and I pray for Godís blessings over her in her new job and life in Austria! Now you need to pray for us to take the best decision in employing the next person that will serve in the important role of Mission Guest representative.

Once again in my work for the last 12 years I realise that when God is doing His job, His work, we the people are only the tools in His hands!!! Iím sure that when I will leave Smiles (if I ever will) God will have someone ready to take over. But what a great joy it is when He chooses us! I did not say an easy job, but for sure itís a great honour!!

So pray for us all in Smiles as itís not easy when one of us chooses a different direction!

Alongside all the work that we had during this summer regarding mission trips, there were other great things going on!

JFL Phase 2 is progressing nicely! I have always thought of this project as a "miracle project" taking in consideration all the spiritual warfare we have to go through with it! This past month more work was done on plastering, ceilings, flooring, tiles and the gardenÖÖ..BUT the really amazing thing that happened this past month was the building of the sensory room!


Iím grateful to John Montgomery and Paul Murray from Northern Ireland for spending an entire week in Romania "constructing" this room. I appreciate their time, effort and financial commitment to the project! They did a great job and I say a HUGE THANK YOU. But I do not want to forget ALL THE PEOPLE behind the scenes that raised money in order for us to have this room in the building! John Montgomery who is an expert in Sensory Room construction and equipping says the entire facility with all things taken into account, value the Smiles Sensory Room at over £40,000 ($60,000).

BE BLESSED dear friends and THANK YOU very much for it for your contribution.

Tileagd Craft Project is running very well too! More things made and so more to sell!! Please help me to make a difference in these ladies lives! Not only by giving them a weekly payment but also by helping them to understand that everything we do, we do because God loves us! And because they need to know GOD in everything they do!!

Tileagd School and Nursery is getting ready for another academic year!! I DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE BUT I know I have a GREAT BIG GOD!!! The financial pressure is HUGE but Iím not giving up! The kids NEED education and we at Smiles need to help them achieve that. It is not an easy task but is not impossible either! Starting to support at £5 or $5 is better than sitting back and doing nothing! So why not start now? I do not want to tell you all the needs we have in the project, but I want to tell you that WITH GOD AND YOUR SUPPORT we can meet all the needs! So please start now helping us to continue making a difference!


While I write this report Iím in the Leeds office! Why here? Because I have a very Ďmobile deskí.  

Well Iím here for the SMILES VOLUNTEER DAYs, a great time when I meet a lot of the people that have the same passion as me. Iím also here for the Trustee Board Meeting, which is a great time when we are accountable for the things that we do in Romania! In a few words Iím here for a special days with special people.

In closing my report this month I want to say CONGRATULATIONS and may God bless new journeyís, for two special ladies that decided to get married this past month!! Cristina Duciuc, our Sminro accountant on August 8th married with Efraim! And to my special friend Jennifer Hoy that on August 31st got married with Nick. Because I was in the United Kingdom when Jenny had her wedding, I will leave you with some great pictures from the event. I can tell you that I saw Mr Hoy very very happy on this special day!


So my dear friends, no matter what you are going through, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! This is the encouragement I received from dear people to my heart and this is what I would like to leave you with.

DO NOT GIVE UP ... together with God we can make a difference!

Be blessed and thank you for being a blessing!


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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