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A Letter from Maria's Desk
December 2015

Make JUST ONE SOMEONE HAPPY!!! Öand YOU will be happy too!!!!

I love the Coca Cola Christmas adverts!! Over the years Iíve been watching each of them. The one this year touched me the most! Once again, they show us that the SIMPLE things are the ones that make people happy!!

I donít necessarily want you to buy me a coke, but I do want you think about making someone happy.

What makes YOU happy?

I have told you throughout the year in my reports what makes me happy! So I wonít repeat it again. But one thing that I will say over and over again is that my God, the one that I serve, makes me happy and He tells me "be faithful in the small things and I will give you the big ones!". Through the love that my God gives me day by day, I want to make someone happy this Christmas!!! JUST one would be fine, but someone to be happy!

I have lots of possibilities in Smiles projects in Tileagd, Rapa, Gepiu, Oradea, Salard, Salonta and many other places.

Do you want to help me? Can you help me? Will you be a partner with me?
I would be more than happy to know that TOGETHER we made someone happy!

You may be wondering how? Well simple! This month through our Christmas Programmes, SOS (Sack of Smiles) Iím hoping to make at least 400 children happy! Through the Food Parcel we can makes hundreds of Families and Elderly people happy! Through supporting a load of wood to keep a family warm in the cold winter, will make them very happy indeed!

Any amount donated to the project will help me to buy goodies for the kids, food for the families and wood for the home that is freezing. £10/$10 can go a long way. £100/$100 can go even further! But whatever you can support will make a difference and will make someone happy.

Please visit: Christmas Corner

We donít have long, so please support today. I will start buying all the supplies December 2nd and on Monday 7th we start deliveries. This year weíll be doing that with visiting Mission Trip teams every day until December 30th. THANK YOU for helping me. Not only now but all year round!

I want to tell you that each month YOU made me happy.

By reading my report and by sending me e-mails of encouragement. By telling me that you pray for me. This means the world to me.

Thank you for standing alongside me during this year. It was the hardest one so far for me Ö and is not done yet, BUT Iím thankful to God for all the lessons Iíve learned.

I lost friends but gained new ones. Iíve cried and Iíve smiled. I was high on the rock and deep in the valley. BUT with my God I came through victorious. Only with HIM.

Thank you for helping me to see projects completed like JFL 2, new work in Mierlau, and continued efforts in RapaÖ.projects that last January were "just a dream or an idea".

Thank you for giving your financial support in order for us to do the work we do here in Romania. Iím sure that you had to choose between some of your favourite things and Smiles and Iím humbled when I hear people say that "we chose Smiles to support this month".

Thank you for giving up your time. For many visiting us here in the country or being a part of all the events that we do during the year or spending your time at home by telling others about us. THIS is the most valuable thing, TIME! Because this is something we can never earn extra of. Once it is spent, it has gone. Yesterday will never be available again, so today we have 24 hours to make the best of it. To make a difference. To make someone happy. Letís do it and be pleased with our achievements today.

Finally I thank you for your prayers. I said many times that we canít do what we do without prayer. Satan is everywhere. We live in a world that is really upside down. Each day we hear news that not even our imagination would think were possible. God is coming soon and Iím thankful to Him that we have people that are waiting for him in prayer! And you are one of them. Thank you.

I pray that you will have a blessed Christmas. A truly blessed time with your dear ones. May God bless you now and protect you throughout the coming year.

With all my love


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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