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A Letter from Maria's Desk - November 2015

"Like father like son!"

This was the first thing that came in my mind when I took the picture.

It was a lovely sunny day outside. End of October and the sun still shining! We were in the Tileagd Gypsy Village. All the children were around him, around Jonny!!! They wanted to play, to run, to have fun!

Nearly 7 years ago the same "scenario" but different people, different location. All the kids wanted to be around Mr Hoy, to play, to run, to have fun. It was in Boga with the Tileagd kids, many of whom are now married, in high school and in different places.

Looking at the picture that I took last week and the one in 2008, I was saying to myself: "o wow, thatís how we are with God!!" Thatís how we should be with God! Do we reflect Him in everything we do? Like Father, like son (or daughter).

Personally there are times when I do not do that. There are times when Iím bad and Iím embarrassed of myself. My only hope is Godís grace and I know that as long as I still have breath I can ask Him for forgiveness and start again! What about you? How are you doing? Iím sure you are not perfect! But do you reflect God in everything you do?

This past month was a hard one. Lots of things on my Ďto doí list and a lot of them had serious deadlines! At times I was wandering Ďhow will I manage itíÖÖ.and I realised that I wonít! I canít do anything without Him!! So I had a choice: do I leave HIM to do as He Wills or I try to take control of it!? Of course I let Him!

The October month was a full month of mission trip people visiting us! Always really nice and encouraging. As I say many times, Iím happy when I have teams around because they do a lot of my work. If you do not believe me, come to Romania and I will give you a lot to do!  You even can take my job! Well, for a day or two!

With all the projects things were moving great. I would like to highlight a few of the things that really stayed with me this past month and impacted me!

Letís start with Tileagd. I know you say here we go again, but my dear friend, I BELIEVE God has a purpose and a plan with this place and itís not done yet!!! The school year started great, but a lot of pressures of all kinds: financial, time, spiritual and so on. At one point I had Geta telling me, "Maria I canít really do it alone, itís too much"Ö..So we had to find a plan fast, we had to find peopleÖÖand money!!! The good news is that I found people, but I still do not find all the money to cover the cost of having them!

With new laws regarding the functioning of the nursery, the state asked us to have a medical nurse. We could not afford one so we had to think fast what is there we can to do. God gave us a special lady that is coming 3 days per week for 2/3 hours at a minimal cost. Around £80/$120 per month. We have her employed, but we took the decision in faith! Iím sure that God will provide as He always does! Maybe you could be His instrument this time.

The same we had to do with the afterschool teacher. We looked for someone for a while to come and help with the homework but not only that, with the kids that are in 5th to 8th grade. A few weeks ago, God sent us a person that is proving right for the needs that we have!!!! Iím sure that the money will also come to cover her cost. That is around £130/$195 per month!

And last but not least, we asked God for someone to take care of the spiritual needs of the kids in TileagdÖand God heard us. He send us Ligia, even if our budgets canít afford to have her full time we are thankful to God for the 2/3 days a week that she is dedicated to this project!

I will come with more news about all this on my next report but you know what I think? That the phrase that I use at the beginning of this report ĎLIKE FATHER LIKE SONí is soooooooooo true in the work we do in Tileagd!!! God is using people and itís so amazing to see people allow themselves to be used by God!!
Pray for everything there! We really need your prayers!

Then Salonta. This past month was a very hard one for me concerning this project. On 21st we had the Court Case and I honestly tell you I was so nervous about it. Yes we do live in a corrupt country and this is not something that we are proud of, but once again I discovered that with MY GOD NOTHING is impossible. He turns a trial into a triumph and Iím grateful that he chose us to be a part of it.

Thank you dear friends for having us in your prayers.

As far as the work is concerned it looks great!!!! Iím really happy with everything that we achieved so far and Iím thankful to ALL the people, no matter who they are that made this possible. People who support us with money, time, prayers and, recently with lots of practical work. ALL of you have an important role!

Then Rapa, to see another dream become reality is really WOW. With Godís help and many people around the world, we have managed to finish 2 houses and a third one is nearly done. The Hygiene Unit is all done and operating. A place that once lived in darkness, now has light! What a great testimony! I was shocked 3 weeks ago when I had to take a mission team on a Sunday afternoon to visit Rapa. It was so cold outside and really bad rain. While we were dressed up, coming from a warm car, a young girl came to say hi to us in her bare feet! I was speechless and so embarrassed. I had so many layers of clothes, really good boots and she was without anything! I do not want to even start imagining what it will look like in the next few months with the bad weather. Please pray and support us to be able to do the job needed.

Then Mierlau, another project that is greatly needed. If you asked me 8 years ago if we needed an "abused shelter" in Smiles my immediate answer would have been ĎNoí. Today Iím shocked to see, hear and be a part of the huge number of victims that are calling us for help!! I think that this world is really up-side down and I really think that God will come soon, but until He does, let us BE LIKE HIM!!! BE LIKE OUR FATHER!!

I could go on and on with many examples, updates and so on, but I need to stop but not before I encourage you to BE THE LIGHT wherever you are! Be like our heavenly Father. We do not know how long we have on this earth! As I wrote this report, suddenly on the news was a big headline about a nightclub in Bucharest that had a fire and 30 people died and more than 170 injured! They went to party and they ended up dead or injured. We all wake up in the morning ok, but by night we do not know what is next. Only God does. So letís live our lives doing good realising we donít know how long we have.

And living our lives well not only means to be a good Christian on the theoretical side, but practically too. If that means that we have to feed a family in Romania, or to sponsor a kid to go to school, or a teacher to teach the kids, or a member of Smiles staff to do the job, thatís great, do it!!!

Last Sunday when Mr Hoy asked the kids in Tileagd "what are your needs for us to pray for" one little kid, David is his name, raised his hand and said, IíM HUNGRY, please pray for that!

So we canít just stay and be ok? I certainly canít and Iím sure you canít either!

Thank you for being Godís hands and feet in this world and especially for all you do for my people in Romania.


Be blessed,


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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