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A Letter from Maria's Desk - October 2015

"It is between YOU and GOD"

I recently saw a picture on the web that really captured my attention. I read it once and I moved on! Few days later I saw it again and this time I read it really slowly, every word! And it touched me! It was a few words that Mother Teresa once said:

People are often unreasonable and self-centred. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.
Mother Teresa Ė

It is really remarkable how much Mother Teresa influenced this world!!! I wish I can do the same through my life!  What about you!? How do YOU influence this world? Will you leave a good legacy behind you?

This past month, Iíve been talking a lot about legacy! In all the meetings we had, and trust me we have a few, people often ask "what will happen when Kevin is not with Smiles anymore"? As I told you in my report last month "when God is in the work you do, God will continue it! If in the meantime he is using people like us, it is a great honour!" So Iím sure that God already has a plan for Kevin, and for the Smiles Foundationís work in Romania! We just need to be faithful in the small things and HE will provide for the big things! That does not means that we will be "problem free people". Satan will not sleep, BUT with God we can do it and not give up!

My report last month was while I was in the United Kingdom. Now Iím back home! And I really do not know where, or how this month has flown by! But let me tell a you few things where my time went!

The month started really nicely, with a wedding in the UK, then the Volunteer Conferences in Leeds and Belfast. A great time with great people, people who have a heart and passion for Godís work. And it is amazing to see so many! THANK YOU ALL for coming to the meetings. Thank you all for sharing the fruits of the Holy Spirit around the world!

From the conference in Belfast I came back to Leeds to meet Georgi and Simona for some time off! Well shopping for me is ALWAYS a time off!! So I had a great time.

But I had to come back to Romania and even if Iím happy for a short break in another country my home is always home!

On September 15th the new school year started in Romania! I do not know how this is really possible, especially when my budgets are really low, but I do not doubt Godís grace and miracles. So this year is an extra special year because we have finally ALL the grades included in our complex!

What does that means? Well, it means that I have a teacher paid by the state, for each group year that I need. 3 years ago they paid 3 teaches only, this year I have 5 teachers paid by the state and all of them are working at the Smiles Complex!

This is great and amazing news for me! The hard part is the budget side where I need more money because I have more kids! At this moment in time I have 150 children coming each day to the complex and nursery. Because 90% of the children are Gypsy kids it means that we at Smiles need to cover all their costs! From clothes, books, food, school supplies everything!

Last month for all the people that came to the conferences I made an appeal and I was soooooo happy with their response! THANK YOU all. PLEASE, I know it is not easy to sponsor one project for years and years but Iím sure one day you will turn back and see the results!

If you ask me for a specific need at the school and nursery, well I have many! But at this moment in time the urgent one is to cover the cost of the wood for winter. That is about £3,000 / $4,500 for 10 trucks of wood for the entire academic year. Or if this sounds tooooooo much, you may be able to help me cover the cost of the food budget which is £1000 / $1,500 a month covering the meals for 150 kids each day, twice a day and for the 5-8th grade daily snacks! It sounds a lot, but for 150 children it only provides us 33pence / 50cents a day per child. If you canít help with any of the financial needs - PLEASE PRAY for us, because prayer is key to everything!!!! THANK YOU!!

Please continue to pray for the work we do at JFL 2. It is coming on great and we are getting nearer to the end, but the finishing part always has its challenges! Iím really happy that we have mission trip people coming in October. With their help on painting and cleaning, the place will really start to look amazing!!

Also continue to pray for the work we do in Rapa. It is also progressing well and we are nearly done to enable 3 families moving into new homes very soon! At the moment, we have a mission team here from Cornwall and Derbyshire that have been helping paint, tile and build. Lots of hands always makes a huge difference!

Iím sure that youíve read on the web about the new adventure that we started! The extension of the Emergency Housing Unit. It is on and it is doing good. I just received another phone call from a young lady, 30 years old, with an 8 week old baby telling us that she needs to "run away from the husband" cause she canít endure the physical abuse that she receives daily! She had the baby with a caesarean and since she came home every day she endured the violence of her husband. She feels that if she is not running away and starting life again "her world is finished". It is really bad to hear this type of story but is great to be there and give a helping hand when you can! And Iím so happy that through the EHU we can do it. Please pray for this project too and pray for us and for our residential managers there Petru and Maria.

And I could go on and on with lots of stories! But I need to stop but NOT before that I tell you a few good things and prayer points.

If you remember last month, I told you that Ritza left us and moved away! I appreciate her help and even if I was sad at the time, now slowly I got over it. Yet again, God reminded me that He, who is in control of His work will take care of the details! Well Iím soooooo happy that from October 1st we have a new Mission Centre representative! Claudia Sauciuc. Iíve known Claudia since high school and believe me this was long agoJ 15 years ago! Claudia was one year younger than me. Soon after the high school she came to Oradea to Emanuel University and she graduated with the same degree as me, Georgi, Simona and Nina did, International Management. Now she runs her own business and Iím very happy that within her business she has decided that she can share her ability and wisdom with us at Smiles and Sminro!!! So welcome CLAUDIA!!!

Further great news is that from October 9th Ligia Mitra will join Smiles too. I met Ligia last month and spent a few days with her showing many of the Smiles project! Iím always happy and proud when I see people coming back to ROMANIA from UK, USA or any other country. Ligia is one of them that decided to be a missionary in her own country after 4 years in United Kingdom and Iím really proud of her that she chose Smiles as a Mission Charity to be a part of her work.

PLEASE pray for Ligia and Claudia in their new jobs! Pray for us all and Iím sure with GOD we can do GREAT THINGS.

So, space has gone and although I have more positive news, I save telling you all now but next month, get ready !! Now I have to go to visit the "construction projects that seem to be increasing but all very exciting"

Thank you for being a blessing for me, for the Romanian people and for being a part of Godís work to extend His Kingdom.

And I leave you with another quote from Mother Teresa that said:

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters
to create many ripples.
  Mother Teresa

Letís do it together.

Be blessed,


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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