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A Letter from Maria's Desk
April 2016

Good Good Father…..

I love this song. Good Good Father

For the last 3 months this song came up in so many circumstances I’ve been thinking of it a lot. I love the message behind it. It’s about a man that grew up without a father and the only father he ever knew is the heavenly father….so he called him, the Good Good Father!

Isn’t it amazing? To know that OUR HEAVENLY FATHER is there and he loves us unconditionally!
For me, it is a great reminder. And a great message that I can pass on to the people I work with.

This past month there were a lot of things going on in Smiles.

March 1st and 8th are special days for the ladies in Romania. It also celebrates the beginning of Spring. Well, to be honest we had a pretty cold spring J - but a much nicer sunny day today with the temperature at 25C (80F). On the special day in early March, all the ladies that work in Smiles and Sminro received flowers. It was very special because all of the flowers were from our own glasshouse! So a win-win situation and a double joy!

On my day to day activity, Salonta JFL 2 and my craft project were my two priorities!

I’m happy that on April 29 I have lots of friends flying to Romania for the special official opening of JFL Phase 2! God is a ‘Good Good Father’ to us and with His help, another dream is close to becoming reality! I can’t wait to show you all the pictures of the place! It really looks amazing. This is my favourite part of each project. The part when I can use my creativity that God gave me! With this special occasion virtually upon us, I would like to say HUGE thank you to all the people that helped us to get so far and make it real!!! Be blessed.

My Tileagd Craft project is also going well. Lots of things done! A lot of new ideas and fun! Please continue to pray for each of the ladies who are involved in this project. My only desire and prayer is that ONE DAY they will personally know God!! And they will become ‘transformed’ butterflies in Him.

Also this month we were really happy to have Mr Hoy back in Romania!!!!! After nearly 3 months he came back H.O.M.E. we are really glad that he is feeling a bit better. Please continue to pray for him and for his recovery. Once he came back a lot of work was awaiting for him here.

Another thing that happened in March is that we started our mission trip season. A very nice group of young adults came all the way from the USA to spend the week with us here in Romania. To smell the smells and to be a part of the sweat sometimes involved in being God’s hands and feet for the people of Romania. Many times people here do not understand why people from around the world travel so many miles to visit them, when their families that are nearby do not do that. And that’s the best time to tell them about God’s love!

Please pray for ALL the people that will visit us during this year!! I loved it when a friend of mine told me that God can do his work without any of us…..but what a great opportunity it is for us to be His partners! It is a really nice feeling to know that God is next to you in everything you do. That I think is the real success!!

So, if you feel that you want to do something different this year, COME TO SERVE GOD in Romania! Who knows what He has in store for you!!?? Who knows the plans He has for you and your life?  Contact the Smiles office anytime or e-mail us for further information on coming H.O.M.E. to Romania.

A real Hands On Mission Experience.

I pray for His protection over each of us! I pray that He will use us the best way He knows wherever we are!

Be blessed dear friends and keep serving God. His coming is near and it is important for us to be ready!



Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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