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A Letter from Maria's Desk
August 2016

When our plans change ..

Have you ever made plans that at the last minute had to change? How did you react to it? Did you panic or stay calm? Well, I like to think that Iím a strong woman, but still there are times when I feel soooooo weak! Then and not only then, I have to depend 100% on Godís power.

August is a month that I love generally! I have lots of reasons to celebrate. A good end to a successful summer mission trip season. Time to give holidays to my colleagues Öand me, my birthday , and many other small things that makes me happy!

Still, what do we do when our plans change? Well, let me give you few examples within Smiles Romania!

Many of you will have heard looooots about Rapa in the past two years especially! Many of you have raised money for this project to improve the living conditions of the community. Many of you have heard us talking about the dream of building a church and have it opened by October this year.

Well yes, we had many things planned, everything on a good time schedule. Until this past week, when I called my main construction leader there, Claudiu, to ask him "how the day went?" His wife told me "we are at the emergency room at the hospital, waiting for Claudiu to have an operation". He had a ruptured appendix and he was in a bad situation. With Godís help he got there right on time. Amazing that I saw him driving on Sunday, planned to meet on Monday! So PLEASE PLEASE pray for Claudiu. Pray for his recovery and pray for his wife who is naturally concerned.

With all this news, our plans need to change! So please pray for us to still be able to move forward with all the things on the drawing board. We have a few options and Claudiu wants to help but is limited what he can do. BUT, in the end of the day, everything is in Godís Hands.

Iím sure that HE will make it work, we just need to be faithful and stay calm when the storm comes! Itís not easy, but not impossible, especially when we know who is at the rudder of the boat.

Another situation that had "plans changed" is our US development plan. After 2 and half years of working with Smiles, 3 months this year spent in America, Emilia told us when she came back from America this past month that she was leaving Smiles.

I never like people leaving Smiles, no matter what the circumstances are. In my mind I see us as a Ďbig familyí and I get very emotional when I have to say bye. BUT I understand that each person has their own reason, and like Ecclesiastes says: "each thing has a time" to move on. I know that God will take care of the "plans he has for Smiles" and He will provide. He never disappointed me over the years, even though I sometimes thought Ďthatís ití. I think that no matter who it is, including even me, when God has a plan and a purpose for His work He will provide. Until then Iím happy that I can be used by Him in His service! So I pray for Smiles, for Emilia and I am thankful for what she did for Smiles until now!

Back to the projects Ďchanged plansí.

Tileagd; Last month I gave you a full report on Tileagd. Because it is the summer holidays I have the kids in for just 2 days a week. When we finished the academic year we said Ďlet s enjoy the holidayí. BUT as soon as we finished, in the UK you had the Brexit. The decision on that and the drop in the pound really affected my budget in TileagdÖ..and a lot of other things.

So I had to cancel a few things like ordering the wood for winter, doing some repairs in the school and nursery, repairing the school bus that broke down in the last week of school! All these things need money! At this moment in time I am having to think what is more important for me? To repair the car or to have the wood for the winter? My plans are a bit messed up, BUT I pray for Godís provision. So please do that too. It is the first time in 15 years when I have not been able to buy the wood during summer, when it is cheaper! Iím sure God will find a way, but until then I need to stay still, and believe.

Also in Tileagd I have my craft project continuing. The ladies are doing very good. The project is going well. I am proud to see them in church each Sunday and to see a better attitude. Please pray for us to find places where we can sell our supplies. IF you can help us with that, please let me know. I can send you some supplies on a sale or return policy and that will help me to provide for the ladies a small income every week. Please pray to see this project continue from October onwards too. As I have to take a small break in order to take care of the baby, please pray for me to find things that the ladies can do without me being there every time they meet!

With July month being soooo busy with the mission trips I forgot how fast the time flies! Last year in October, Claudia came in to help us with the mission centre for a one year commitment! I canít believe we are nearly there and at the end of August Clau is going back to Timisioara. Iím soooo thankful to her for helping us with this huge task, when I thought that there will not be any other option after Ritaís departure. Claudia made lots of new friends during this year and Iím so happy to hear her saying "Iím coming back for the October mission trip to say hi to a few people". Thank you for everything you did for us during this time.

So dear friends when our plans change, GOD HAS new ones for us! Let us trust Him completely and not let the enemy destroy us! Itís not always easy, as I already said, but we know THE MASTER of everything.

Please pray for me and I am praying for you.

Be blessed


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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