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A Letter from Maria's Desk
June 2016

Moving forward...

My desk is mobile this month :) Iíve tried to do my update these past days from my office desk but it did not work out so now, while we are driving with a mission team to Salonta, I found some time to do it. (But Sefu is driving so donít panic!)

What have I been up to this past month?
Well, with the mission team season in full swing my time becomes quite busy and longer days for sure.

We started this month with a great Celebration of Godís goodness and faithfulness to us. The Grand Opening of JFL Phase 2. I can't quite believe it yet, but it is finally finished! A project that took longer to complete than we anticipated. But for 5 years we were busy working on it and not just Ďconstructioní but also handling some of the difficulties we face with authorities in this country. Lots of things that made me think we will "never finish". I was quickly reminded that Iím wrong. God knows better and HE decides when itís time for us to move forward and when itís time to slow down!!! The number of trips I do now to Salonta is less and less each week! My dear friend Georgi is doing an amazing job there. Iím sure she will have told you more about it in her report. So if you did not read it yet, go now and do so!

Less journeyís to Salonta does not mean less travel for me! My journeys moved now to Rapa. With Godís help and people assisting from around the world, we managed to see another house done and 3 more foundations on the way! Watch this space. With me and Mr. HOY now having more time free from specific capital projects, you never know what is next. So watch this space!!!

With Godís help we are moving forward!!!

My craft project is also doing well. I did a few new things with the ladies this past month and Iím happy to see their involvement in it more and more. Please pray for my ladies. I have 20 of them in the group now and my job there will not be complete until they know God as their Saviour. Each time I see them face to face I talk about what God does for themÖÖ..and they know it because over the years they saw and experienced it! But it seems hard to "make the step" to move forward and leave the past behind!!! Please, please pray for them and for the Gypsy community in Tileagd!

Speaking of Tileagd this coming month, June, is normally a very emotional month for me. Kidsí graduate school at different stages which always gives me goose bumps! I have kids graduating 4th grade, 8th grade and 12th grade!!!! Iím very proud of them all. Very proud of what theyíve achieved over the years. Iím proud and thankful that so many of you support this vital work in educating the Gypsies and giving them hope and opportunity for a better future. Thank you, but please continue. We need the monthly support whether for the Educational Project or individual support of children. Call the Smiles office to help us or go on line to these links:

School, Nursery & Kindergarten:

Individual Children for sponsorship:

What makes this year more special for me? Well, in 2004 when we started the nursery we had our FIRST GENERATION from the gypsy village that started education at the right age, in the right way! This year, the kids that were in the "small group" - (they were 2-3 years old) will finish their 8th grade! AMAZING!! If you would have asked me in 2004 if this was possible and they will finish 8th grade Iím sure I would have told you "I do not think so"ÖÖBUT Godís plans are for good and his way of doing things are better and for that Iím grateful.

A few weeks ago the kids came to me to ask for help with their "final preparation" for graduation. I went with them shopping and got what they needed. The next day they had the photo session in the school, so because I was in Tileagd I managed to see them. I could not stop crying. If in 2004 I was holding them in my arms, singing and playing with them today they are taller than me! Now they start a new journey so please continue to pray for them. Being a teenager these days is not easy. The challenges and temptations out there are huge. They need to stay strong and close to God. Please, please pray for them. They are really moving forward. My prayer is that they will move closer to God!

Another thing that really impressed me this month was a short visit of a group of Romanian people now living in USA. To be honest with you, I do not have a good opinion of the people who move out of the country and they forget where they come from! Maybe because over the years I had lots of negative examples, it made me have the same opinion about everybody! But this family impressed me in a very positive way! Their heart and passion for Godís work around the world is huge. The fact that they want to come back to their Ďmother countryí and help I think is a blessing from God. Even though we only spent a day together, I felt that I had known them for a very long time. The highlight of the visit was when we got to Tileagd Complex and one of the ladies from the group start to pray!!! I felt the Holy Spirit came down on us! Amazing feeling! I pray for God to clear the way and to help them to come back and serve the people of Romania. Until then, may Godís blessings be over them in USA.

Now Iím getting ready for the next mission trip! I love it when I have people visiting. If you did not book your holiday yet, Smiles mission trip is the best idea! Few days working with us and few days visiting the country is a remarkable experience!! If you are interested in this, let me know, and I will come with all the great ideas!! I even offer myself as your tour guide.

So my dear friends Godís way of doing things are the best! Let us leave Him to have full control of our lives!! Letís move forward in everything we do with HIM.

And before I say bye, I just want to say thank you to all the people who wrote to congratulate me and Cornel on our news of a special arrival in October. Baby Hava is doing good. We are half way through. Everybody tells us that the hard part is now coming. Please pray for me. I would like to be able to work as much as possible during the pregnancy. This will keep me young and fit and will make me a cool mum. Iím thankful to God that he gave us this blessing and even if at times I get scared and panic a little, I know that our life is in His hands! We move forward together with HIM.

Iím thankful to God and to all the people around the world for everything you do for us.

Be blessed and may God keep you in His hands!



Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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