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A Letter from Maria's Desk
October 2016

Waiting Ö.

What do you do when you have to wait? For example waiting in a queue while you do your shopping, or waiting for an answer from someone. Waiting for a result from a hard exam or surgery that you just went through or waiting for someone dear to come home! Itís all about waiting!!

Well September for me I can say that was a month full of "waiting moments". Some with fast results some Iím still waiting for!

I told you in my report from last month that I have moved my office to my home. Well this seems to work ok. Still I miss my main office so I try to go at Smiles as often as I can. Iím thankful to God that I can still work each day and be active and reasonably full of energy, even if the baby can come anytime now.

But how was the past month in practical terms?

Busy Ö..and let me tell you why.

Rapa being on my top list took a lot of "planning time". Iím soooo happy to tell you that all the 10 houses that Smiles committed to do are nearly complete. I had to do a lot of shopping but this was not something hard for me. I always enjoy doing it. Another, I say, miracle in Rapa is the progress made at the building of the church. With Godís grace the place is nearly done and ready for the opening on 9th October. And let me tell you a little secret. On the same day we will have our second baptisms there when 9 people will dedicate their life to God and make a public statement. Isnít that GREAT???? GOD IS GOOD all the time!

On September 12th we started the new academic year in Tileagd. I really wanted to be there and even if the doctor told me "no travel at all" I asked the big doctor (GOD) to be with me and protect me! I was sooooooo happy that I could experience that! Very emotional time as always when you see new generation coming in. Old generation moving on and so on.

We had the opening at the nursery first and then at the complex for the school. More excited than me were the kids that could not wait to be back! Some of them moved on and are no longer in the complex. They are at the state school and come to us for the afterschool program. But they are ALL OUR KIDS!!!

Please pray for each of them. It is not an easy going project. We have a lot of needs and less money! But education is important and if Smiles is not there to help they will turn back to where they were 15 years ago!

Iím thankful to each person that gave me money for wood. We have manage now to get all we need for the winter thanks to a very special and generous supporter in England.

Now all our money needs to go on food, cause we feed the kids twice a day. Then money needs to go on books cause we still have to buy all of them and on transport!!! The last one, transport is a big one for us. When we finished the school year in June the van needed major repairs. To repair it was a big cost for us, just over £1,000 ($1,300), so because of the budget we never did the repair. Now we do not have a bus. BUT we trust that God will find a way for us to get this one repaired very soon. Itís costing each month £600 ($780) to cover the cost of the bus which is such a support for the children, especially as winter approaches. This includes all the transport costs that is needed for the kids in nursery, grade school and even high school, which of course is in the City, not in Tileagd. Please pray that God will provide this for us!

On September 15th, 6 of my colleagues left for the United Kingdom to promote Smiles work. It was a very hard and emotional time for me, as for the past 13 years, Iíve been involved in every single tour, whether to the UK or America. BUT I had a good reason why I could not make it this time and someone needed to stay home and do the work that was left here!!

So, on September 20th we had a truck full of goodies from UK arriving in Romania. Two very special drivers from Ireland arrived at 1 am at our head quarters in Cihei. Every time when I open a lorry I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Iím so THANKFUL to all the people that made this work out. Thankful to Barbara and Adrian and all the guys that coordinate this container. Thankful to ALL THE VOLUNTEERS that help packing it and makes sure there was nothing left, as in "no empty space". Thankful to McBurney transport for allowing Alan and Richard to drive all the way here and for their commitment to covering all the transport cost! THANK YOU ALL!! And may God bless you in everything you do!!!

Once the container was unloaded, in 90 minutes and the drivers left, we started to share the goodies with the projects!!

But not all at once, because I had to wait for my colleagues to come back to Romania! And they did! Thank you for sending them back and not keeping them in UK! Iím sure that they can do a good job in UK but here they can do it even better.

On September 25th we had a group of Clowns coming to visit Smiles projects. 4 special people made a lot of kids, elderly, smile every day. It is sooooo nice to see that in life at times you do not need "posh" things to make you happy! But the small things!! Thank you clowns of the World Wide Smiles Ė Ben, Conk, Clown Bluey & Masjolie.

Also another special visit was the CEO of Viridian Housing in UK. Iím so happy and proud to have met Nick Apetroaie.
Yes, he is an important person but what is more than that, is that he is a Romanian! Rarely do you find people these days that are going such a long way in life and are very successful, but they stay humble and very human. A real encouragement for me. Viridian Association helped Smiles to do very important work in Rapa, JFL2 and Emergency Housing Unit! Without their support we would not have had these projects finished. I pray that they will not stop here and we will still partner in the futureÖÖ..because we do have big dreams!!! And one of them is to see people, staff from their company coming to see their legacy here in Romania!!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Viridian for all your help!!

Now, while Iím writing my report updates, Iím waiting for one more thing to come!! Yes, Iím waiting for my baby Hava to come. And is not long. It can happen any time. So PLEASE pray for us!! Iím nervous but in the same time Iím very curious. Iím curious of how it looks? How will be? How we will accommodate with each otherÖÖ..a lot of how!! BUT Iím sure that God has it all sorted and is just a matter of me ĎWAITINGíÖÖÖand WAITING IN SILENCE!!! So please pray for that.

And YES dear friend, WAITING IN SILENCE is not always easy, but it has the best outcome.

I pray for each of us that no matter what we go through, to wait for Godís answers because they are the best.

Thank you for everything you do for us month by month!

In His service


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

p.s. next month when I do my update I will be mummy Maria!!! And I canít wait to show you picture with my baby!!! See you soon.

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