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A Letter from Maria's Desk
September 2016

Miracles of life ..

On my update from last month I told you how much I love the month of August! Well, I still do!!  At the beginning of August we celebrated the end of a very successful summer mission trip season. God is good and His faithfulness to us is shown day by day. Itís a real miracle to see year by year, so many people coming to Smiles in Romania.

Each time when we have teams visiting us, Iím happy to see their love and kindness, time and effort shared with the people of my country. Iím blessed to be a part of it and Iím thankful to God for each of them.

Once they had all left, we had a week of work before the holiday season started for the staff who canít take holiday when we have Mission Trips. It is also time to reflect and time to make new plans. Also a time when my colleagues are to get ready for the UK tour this month! Iím so sorry I canít be there this time. But everybody says I have a good Ďexcuseí:).

Please, if you can, take some time to make sure that if you are near any event we have, you will go and say hi to them. This year for the first time ever, we have a special guest from one of our projects Ö. lady Felicia, a resident from JFL will be travelling with the team. A new experience for her but more important is the fact that she will meet sooooo many of our friends around the UK. Here is a reminder of the events.

From August 13, people started their holiday. Great time, especially as the weather in RO is really nice during August.

I had planned to have 3 days off too, especially as during that weekend was my birthday, but because my plans are not the same as Godís plans, my holiday had to be cancelled! Yes, all the travelling that I had planned along with all the parties and all the fun side! But donít worry, not the time offÖÖthat was extended! I had an appointment with my doctor, and after he checked on me he told me "my dear friend, you need to stay still for the next few weeks, in order to calm the baby ". This was surprising news for me, as the entire summer I did not have any issue at all. I worked and did all my normal things. But if the doctor said so, and if I had the great understanding from Mr Hoy, I moved my office to the house!

So my phone, my computer, and my baby became my main colleagues  . The little one is trying to get used to this Ďtime offí and Iím sure there are days when the question is asked "why we do not have all the busy time ... rushing here there and everywhere?" . Iíve promised to my doctor that I would stay still until the end of August, but I could not keep my promise 100%. Iíve been to the office once or twice, for 1 or 2 hours just to see Ďif everything was ok thereí . And guess what? Everything was ok!

The little miracle that is growing inside is a real answer to my favourite bible verse from Romans 8.28. ALL things will work together for the good of those that LOVE GOD. What a great promise!!

So, because technology these days is so progressed I could still do many of the things I needed to do, even from home.

Rapa the housing project is progressing really well. I told you about Claudiu, that last month he needed an emergency operation. He is feeling much better now, but canít be back in full swing yet. But his team is doing a great job even though he is not there every day!

The church is progressing well too. The walls are up and by the time you read this update we will have the roof on it! Praise the Lord for His provision and His faithfulness on this project too that was and is a big step of faith.

If you want to be a part of this project and help build the Church in Rapa, please send your gift to the Smiles office or follow this link to make a donation on line. WHERE THEY CAN DONATE MONEY

The work in Tileagd is progressing well, even though I could not be there each week. With Ghiuri and Medaís help I know whatís happening in the community and with the craft project. With Geta and Simidaís help I know whatís going on in the school and nursery. I told you last month about some of the urgent needs we have. I received a few e-mails from you and I THANK YOU for the support you gave us!!! We have 4 trucks of wood covered. Still we need more. I hope we will achieve that too. I canít believe the school and nursery will start in less than 15 days!! PLEASE PLEASE PRAY for this new academic year!!!

Iím sure everything is under Godís control and for that Iím thankful.

My dear friends - everything that is happening with us HE knows why! We need to accept it and stay still. If you are like me, I know that is hard, but not impossible!!!

Please pray for me. Pray for my baby. Pray for Smiles!!

I appreciate everything you do for us even if things are hard for you too.

Be blessed and thank you for being a blessing!


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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