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A Letter from Maria's Desk
November 2016

When GOD ANSWERS our prayers ...

What happens then? Did you ever ask yourself? What really happens when God is answering your prayer, your requests? In my life many times I prayed, I did ask God to give me thingsÖÖ. all sort of things and most of the time I received it. But if Iím honest with you, not all the things Iíve asked for were ok.

I remember as a child once asking God to give me and my family a TV satellite dish. It was a big thing to have something like this in 1995 in a small village like Susca. Most of my friends had it because their parents bought it with the money made during the fuel embargo. My dad told us that we will not have one as he is not "selling the diesel involved with the embargo. If we will ever have is one, it will be from God".

A few months later, actually nearly a year later we received one, a second hand dish, from a family in Austria that updated theirs. I took it 100 % as an answer from God ÖThe sad thing is that I was happy for a day but after that not at all. I never watched TV and soon my grandfather cut the cables from it by mistake when he cleaned the grapevine. BUT this little story changed my view of the things that I ask God for! Yes, there were times when I asked him for "material things" but Iíve learned to do it with all the right motives! And each time I took it as a blessing!

This past month I had LOTS of blessings from God.

The biggest one is my baby!! Yes baby Hava "came" at the beginning of the month! On October 6th!

I know there were a lot of people praying for me each day and for that I will never have enough words to say thank you. Even though I knew the baby will come, it took me by surprise! . But Iím thankful to God that all went ok. He is a really cute one, healthy baby boy called STEFAN CORNEL HAVA. My prayer is for him to be like Stefan from Acts 6 Ė full of the Holy Spirit, with a faith, passion for God and love for his neighbours.

Because I had the baby on the 6th and the first mission group arrived on the 8th Iíve missed a lot of the things that I had been working on!

BUT when you ask God for things, when you pray to Him and HE answers your prayer, everything is 'wow' even if you are not in the front line to see it, you feel it!

So, with me being in the hospital suddenly, ahead of it being planned, Mr Hoy had to do a lot of the things on his own. Iím really grateful and appreciate all his patience and understanding at this time. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING SEFU!!! YOU are the best personal assistant that Iíve ever had and I try not to be taking years off . Until Iím back full time, you have to do my job as well - Iím sorry! But I know you will do a good job!

AND he did good! The day that I was taken to the hospital for delivery we were out shopping for the church in Rapa. So on October 9th when the church was to be opened - EVERYTHING was in place!!! God is good.

Completing this project was my first ever project that I did through the phone! I was there when the foundations were done and the first walls. Soon after that the doctors told me to stay still and not drive so I had to cut my travels. Everything was done by calling the people each day and making sure they are on time with the work, so when Mr Hoy came back on September 25th the place was done!! We had a few details to put in place but for that we waited for him. I remember that I told him "I wish to go there and see it before the big day"Ö.and Mr Hoy took me. He drove very slowly and I was thankful to God that I could see it before the big day. I dreamed and planned to be there on the big day but even if I was not with my body, my heart and mind was there! I appreciate ALL THE HELP that people gave us to see this project complete!

October 9th was a very special day indeed and God answered our prayers even those that we did not believe would be possible! For more details be sure to read Adi and Barbaraís reports this month as both are talking about Rapa.

Also on the same day of the grand opening we had more baptisms. Adi provides more details of that as he was there! But isnít it a great joy to become a child of God? To know that your Father from heaven is with you all the time!

And as it this is not enough the next big prayers answered was to see the 10 houses finished and people moved in BEFORE the winter comes! SO, GOD listens to our prayers and that came true too. Thank you all for all the help you gave us, for the prayers and for the time that some of you spend here in Romania helping us build or the time you spend in fundraising!

My prayers are also answered in Tileagd. The project close to my heart the school and nursery are in full swing now and Iím really happy to see that our job there is not finished yet! Even though itís harder than ever to do the things we have to do in Tileagd, our God is giving us the strength and the power to move on day by day! PLEASE continue to pray for Tileagd because I have a feeling that there are still things we have to do. Prayers that still need to be answered!

Iím thankful to God that He gave me the strength to go and be with my colleagues and the mission team on the Wednesday staff fellowship meetings that we have each week. It was a blessed time and once again I realised how blessed I am to be a part of Smiles. Even if at times itís hard, even if I had moments when I wanted to give up, God gave me more than I ever asked for and my heart is full of gratitude.

Now, even though I am not in the office day by day, Iím in touch with them every day. Iím not out of service!  Ö Godís work you canít stop for long . Yes I take it easier and I have a big responsibility now, but I am thankful to God that he answers my prayers by giving me the right things at the right time.

Now I have to go to the baby but not before I urge you to PRAY for everything and trust me when God answers our prayers there are no mistakes! Even if we do not always get what we want, He knows what is best!

Thank you very much for everything and continue to be a blessing for people in your family, your city and at the end of the world, here in Romania!!!

In His service


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania


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